Friday, August 22, 2014

Studying Past LDS General Conference Talks

As a Member of the LDS Faith, I am reviewing, reading and watching highlights from the April 2014 General Conference, as well as other years. I found one from 2009 from President Monson-  I will share some of them here. The purpose of doing this is to prepare myself spiritually for the upcoming General Conference and it's messages. To help my family and myself live the words of the Apostles and our Dear Prophet. Not just listen to them. I hope that my sharing of these messages and the thoughts I have from them- will help others besides myself.

Love - The Essence of the Gospel
When President Monson talks about how love and forgiveness need to be the essence of the gospel, I know I need to work harder to forgive others. I need to be forgiven often, I need to always forgive others and extend that forgiveness freely. Instead of being afraid of being hurt. 

This talk had a deep impact on me in April and Now. I know of things I need to repent of- people I should make relationships right with- and people I should forgive. I need to become more like Christ. Showing and extending forgiveness as much as I need it- which is always. I really need to work on this. Regardless of others decisions, I need to work on treating all of God's Children with love and respect. I need to read the Book of Mormon more often and read of the testifying of our Savior and his matchless gifts of love, forgiveness and repentance.

Be Your Best Self Priesthood Session President Monson 2009

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