Sunday, September 23, 2012

Corporal Punishment or Legalized Child Abuse?

Back in the day, when kids were caught cheating in my grade school, or Junior High/High School- you automatically got a zero on the assignment.
In College and University Schools you get a 0 in the class and often get kicked out
of the Deparment, College and University altogether. I agree with that policy.
Some schools have suspension policies, which I think would have been better for this child's alleged cheating, than a spanking by a Vice Principal Male.

Here is a new reason for your children not to cheat.

What do you think? Is this state mandated child abuse?
Should it be allowed?
In my opinion, I think it should not be allowed at all.

If you think it should be allowed, should the law of same gender punishment be enforced?
How do you feel about this?

Why are teachers hitting our children and students?
Trying to scare them into being honest in school?
I don't think it works.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Important Domestic Violence Resources

If you live in Salt Lake County, Utah (or anywhere) and are being abused;
Mentally, Emotionally, Financially or Physically you can take these important steps to protect yourself and your children.

Call the Police or Victim's Services to protect yourself and your family.
If you cannot safely call them, leave.
Get away from your abuser, and make sure your children are safely with you.

Here's how to secure a Protective Order against your abuser;

You can call this D.V. Hotline for support and help;

Make plans to stay safe;

Numbers for Emergencies and Assistance;

Single Parent Resource List;

Health Insurance Assistance;

Domestic Violence Shelters and Shelters for transient persons;

Good luck and stay safe!