Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Family Violence Training

People suffer horrible trauma at the hands of violence. Although experiences are tragic and heartbreaking, victims of violence can develop resiliency in response to their abuse.

What is Resiliency? Even children who come out of severe situations are able to perservere and become contributing members to society. They learn what they are not going to do when they have their own marriages and kids.

Resiliency research shows that children, teenagers and others who live in crime torn neighborhoods and are surrounded by poverty, can become very resilient in their adulthood. Intervention is the key to the person finding hoping in their lives. Positive teachers, peers, church leaders, and therapists can assist an individual's journey back onto a positive trajectory.
Children of war torn countries suffer deplorable violence.
As the children grow they may channel the violence as motivation to seek human rights and therapy for other families and children in similar situations.

The Story Of John Bul Dau- Sudanese Lost Boys

I am so thankful for the abundant blessing I have.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Addicted to you

Here are signs of people that are obsessed with you and may have an addiction to try to control your feelings, and their circumstances. I actually really like this song.